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Our Mission

We are capturing a huge opportunity. Electric transport is becoming prevalent in the western countries, but few affordable options exist in the rest of the world. Our goal is to proliferate electric vehicles in emerging economies.

Problem We Are Solving

Public transport in Pakistan is patchy and expensive. There are no good options available for subway or bus transport. People mostly use auto rickshaws or motorcycle ride hailing. Motorcycles are very inconvenient, particularly for ladies. Rickshaws are uncomfortable and cost a lot due to high petrol prices.

Our Solution

Introduce an electric rickshaw in Pakistan that costs far less per kilometer. This allows drivers to charge less to customers. With zero percent emissions, it also has a great impact on the environment.

Market Analysis

Pakistan has a population of 250 million. Auto rickshaws are one of the primary means of public transport. It’s time this mode of transport goes electric. The same has happened in other south Asian countries.

Seamless, Limitless Technology

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