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We are proud to work with an accomplished and passionate team that is dedicated to turning our vision into reality. We have partnered to create something our customers will love. Our next step is mass manufacturing.



Moez Naseer

Founder and CEOA computer scientist by training, with deep interest in and knowledge of all things EV. Dedicated to bringing green tech to Pakistan and beyond.

Fahhaam Aatir

Automotive and Mechatronics EngineerA mechatronic engineer with a passion for automotive design and dynamics. Working to optimize vehicle performance and efficiency.

Mamun Ahmed Rasheed

Supply Chain8+ years of diversified Supply Chain experience with a proven track record of working with global teams across Asia, Africa and Europe.



Bryn Kahrl

Manufacturing StrategyWith a focus on multi-plant, high-complexity environments, Bryn has become a respected leader in the automotive, electronics, and industrial sectors.

Amy Giddon

Marketing and Sales StrategyAmy is a seasoned leader that provides businesses with the clarity and alignment they need to grow, serve customers, engage partners, and satisfy employees.